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Helps with getting started. Provides a framework for designing and implementing your program.

A growing collection of research, white papers, surveys and studies quantifying the impact of caregiving in the workplace and providing examples of model programs.

Checklists, forms, and other resources for employers AND employees.

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What Employers Can Do
Download a summary chart on what employers can do in terms of policies, benefits and services. (Adapted from the Portland State University study.)

Track Caregiving Costs
Use this basic form to begin measuring the financial impact of working caregivers on your organization. 

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The Manager's Guide to Caregiving in the Workplace The Manager's Guide to Caregiving in the Workplace

Educates management about the effect of caregiving workers and an aging workforce, and provides recommendations for containing costs and improving productivity.

The manual contains some of the information and materials found on this Web site, plus more, organized into a convenient package for quick, easy reference.
  • Includes the business case for caregiving support in the workplace and shows why the payback is huge.
  • Binder (and optional CD-ROM) includes many reproducible Action Plans that address specific situations that working caregivers face.
  • Helps HR management address growing problem.

The Working Caregiver's Handbook

Strengthen loyalty and minimize workflow disruptions by providing working caregivers an action-oriented handbook that helps them be more effective at home and productive at work.

  • Provides checklists, worksheets, and summary articles by topical area.
  • Particularly useful for those employees least able to use Web-based resources.
  • Enables highly supportive response from management at low cost.
The Handbook is a compilation of many of the most valuable and often requested how-to information and forms found on this Web site. Providing this helpful guidebook is a great way to let employees know that you care and are supporting them. 


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Caregivers Handbook

This handy guide provides resources, checklists and worksheets
 - all in one place.