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Submitting to National Caregivers Library


As a leading clearinghouse for tools, information and resources for caregivers and those who serve them, or are affected by them, we want to hear from you.

As part of our effort to make salient the problems of working caregivers, an aging workforce and the organizations that employ them, we are aggregating the knowledge of experts and practitioners in these fields.

If you have specialized knowledge or experience with these issues, whether from the perspective of employer or employee, please consider contributing to this growing collection of this important body of knowledge.

Appropriate submissions would include:

  • Research (academic, applied, field, consumer, etc.)
  • Employee Surveys (both instruments and results)
  • White Papers
  • Model Caregiving Programs
  • Special Expertise in Aging, Caregiving and the Workplace
  • Professional Speaking Capabilities

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To apply to become a member of our Speakers Bureau, you must complete and return a Speakers Bureau Application and a short summary of your credentials and qualifications.


To discuss submitting your information, tools, or credentials, contact:

Ron Moore

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