The Caregiver's Workbook

The Caregiver's Workbook
(formerly, called Caregivers Handbook)

An 8 ½ X 11 workbook full of helpful resources, checklists and worksheets.

Over 150 total pages with 75 pages of actual content, plus the back of each page is designed for keeping notes and tracking activities.

The Caregivers Workbook provides insights into key issues, checklists for getting through difficult or unfamiliar tasks and helps get affairs in order (yours and your loved one's).  It also includes forms for tracking important information like medications, food intake, behavior, etc.

· A comprehensive Caregiving Needs Assessment

· Care services and how to access

· Driver Assessment Checklist

· Getting Organized: Creating Command Central

· Where Will Care Take Place

· Home Safety Checklist

· Caregiving in the Home Environment

· Choosing a Care Facility: Questions to Ask

· Nursing Home Checklist

· Financial Caregiving

Alternative Ways of Financing Care

· Legal Aspects of Caregiving

· Long-Distance Caregiving

· Documents Organizer Checklist

· End-of-Life Planning

· And many other essential topics

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Caregivers Workbook

This handy guide provides resources, checklists and worksheets
 - all in one place.