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Working Caregivers

Employers are greatly affected by the caregiving phenomenon. Lost time at work and reduced productivity from anxious stressed employees can affect morale and the bottom-line. Churches are employers, too. How can you assist your caregiving employees to address their family concerns and be the best employee they can be?

Aging Consumers As consumers age, how will businesses adapt to their special needs?

Aging Workers and Technology As workers age and younger worker populations declines, what type of technological adaptations must businesses make to remain productive?

Care for the Caregiver How can you help your employees? This article describes, in a general way, the basics of family caregiving, caregiving tips, training, self care for the caregiver, and where to turn for help.

Cost of Caregiving to Employers This study from Met Life measures the cost of caregining on companies employing caregivers.

Family Business As more elders begin to retire, or semi-retire, what will become of family businesses? As more members of family businesses begin to caregive, what happens in the business?

Flexible Workspace As more workers age and become caregivers, businesses will need to become flexible in order to maintain workers and remain productive.

Who Pays for Long Term Care? Aside from Medicaid, about 37.2 billion dollars are spent out of pocket each year on health care related costs. About 92% of the hours spent caring for a loved one at home are done for free, by a family member. Read these facts on the impact of financial and time impact of caregiving.

Working Elders Many elders wish to continue to work.Will companies be interested in keeping them? How will companies address elder employees needs?

Caregivers Handbook

This handy guide provides resources, checklists and worksheets
 - all in one place.