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Care Ministries Successful ministry models for congregational care. Includes transportation, ramp building, spiritual, and more

Caregiving Resources A library of information to address caregiving concerns

Research  Learn how aging and caregiving issues affect faith organizations

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Long Term Care Facility Ministry

Ministering to those in
nursing homes or long term facilities
 challenges family and clergy.

Transportation and Mobility

Transportation is a paramount concern. Is it unsafe for an aging parent to drive? How do I explain that to dad? Now what?

Welcome to our Caregiving Ministries resources!

While based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, these resources are open to people of all denominations and faiths.  The resources are intended to:

  • Help faith organizations support growing numbers of family care givers and recipients.
  • Provide support to existing care-related ministries.
  • Illuminate ministry opportunities related to the aging and caregiving phenomena.
  • Provide tools and materials to help launch/implement new care ministries.

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Resources For Faith And Spirituality


Parish Nursing ministries improves health and wholeness within congregations.

Spiritual Food for Caregivers
- Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1

Dementia and Spiritual Care - a variety of articles and resources.


Support for Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Sandwich Generation n. A generation of people who give care to their children and their parents at the same time.
Information and a ministry guideline
to help churches suppport their sandwiched congregants.


Information on Aging, Caregiving and its effect on congregations

Churches. How are congregations providing care across our nation?

Aging in America. An aging population affects churches in profound ways. Learn more.
Working Caregivers.  Caregiving responsibilities affect millions of workers and their employers. Remember, a church is an employer, too.

The Caregiving Process

Understanding caregiving will help you know how to uphold your congregants when they turn to you in their time of need.

  • Caregiving Basics
    What is a caregiver? What does a caregiver do? Things to think about as you begin the caregiving process.
  • Chronic or Ongoing Care
    How can you improve the quality of care you provide? What changes (if any) need to be made? Guidelines for evaluating your role in the care process.
  • End-of-Life Caregiving
    Issues and approaches to consider in an end-of-life caregiving situation.
  • Planning For Tomorrow
    Once immediate needs are addressed, plan for the future.
  • The Caregiving Process
    Caregiving is a process that evolves. Understand and anticipate change.

Of Special Note

Caregiving decisions are difficult. They are complicated, involving different, sometimes conflicting, factors. And, they almost always come with time pressures, emotional pressures, and stress. Here are some guidelines.

Disaster preparedness
 for the elderly or frail of health. Find helpful information to assist caregivers and community planners protect our loved ones.

What are the signs of Elder Abuse? How can you help those who you suspect are suffering from abuse?

Need a speaker
for your next Conference or Executive Briefing? Interested in how aging and caregiving impacts families, businesses, churches and other institutions? The founder of the National Caregivers Library speaks nationally on these, and other, topics.

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In the Press

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Caregivers Handbook

This handy guide provides resources, checklists and worksheets
 - all in one place.