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Ronald L. Moore


Founder, FamilyCare America and
The National Caregivers Library

Fidía Advisors

The office supply industry, as well as the new and used car industries, are entirely different today than they were a few years ago because of Moore - a business strategist with a knack for identifying large scale business opportunities and applying social cognition principles to business situations.

 Moore founded Office America, one of the first office supply superstore chains.  Office America grew to more than 20 stores and over $70 million in sales before Staples acquired it.  Moore also created the Supply Room Companies, an office products business that has grown to over $50 million in sales by following a “roll-up” and consolidation strategy.

As an independent consultant to Circuit City, the electronics-retailing giant, Moore identified the opportunity to create the first used car superstore concept, which became CarMax in 1993.  CarMax surged to $1 billion in annual sales faster than companies like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and McDonalds.

Moore provides opportunity identification, strategy development, new venture creation, and other corporate development services to clients ranging from individuals and family firms to Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.  His primary areas of expertise include:

  • Analyzing trends and identifying major opportunities that others have missed.
  • Generating conceptual possibilities and analyzing them strategically.
  • Understanding consumer cognition to discover new ways of reaching and doing business with customers.
  • Creating new ventures 
  • Executing merger, acquisition and divestiture strategies.
Focusing his skills on the implications of the Aging of America, Moore has become a recognized leader in identifying ways that the age wave and the caregiving phenomenon will create both opportunities and threats for companies in virtually every industry - from healthcare to financial services to real estate, construction, retail, transportation, and technology. 

Moore combined his professional expertise with his personal experiences in dealing with the difficulties and dynamics of caring for aging parents to create the National Caregivers Library - a national resource for caregivers, the organizations to whom they turn for help, and companies that offer products and services to them.

Keynote Speeches, Executive Briefings and Presentations

Caregiving has heated up as an important employer issue. Major organizations - even governments - are recognizing the tremendous costs and productivity drains on employers caused by workers dealing with caregiving issues. And, they are asking why employers have not done more already to address these issues and what can be done about it.

Moore is often asked to address these problems and to discuss ideas on how to get employers more engaged in providing solutions to the expanding number of working caregivers.

A frequent speaker on opportunity identification and the impact of the aging of America in the marketplace, in the workplace and on the homefront, Moore has lectured at numerous colleges, universities, and business and professional organizations.  Among them, the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, The College of William & Mary, Virginia Tech; chapters of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), The Family Business Forum, the National Association of Healthcare Executives and numerous AARP and government conferences. 

Moore was a lead speaker at the national conference of the Rosalynn Carter Institute and a leading witness to the California Senate Subcommittee on Aging and Long Term Care where he addressed “caregiving as a workplace issue” - what corporate America can do to help caregiving employees and improve bottom-line operating results.  His keynote address to the Ohio Governor's Conference on Aging presented a business case for why employers must seek solutions to the challenges and costs of an aging population and workforce.

Moore is also an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonweath University, where he leads a graduate course on Opportunity Identification in an Aging Society.

Topic specialties include: 

  • Aging in America:  Problem or Opportunity?
  • Aging, Caregiving and Corporate America
  • The Business Case for Eldercare / Caregiving Programs in the Workplace
  • Opportunity Identification and the Implications of an Aging Society
  • Opportunities for the Faith Community in an Aging Society
  • New Venture Creation - for businesses, non-profits and churches

Moore is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.  He resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and three daughters and serves on several Boards and Advisory Committees, including Virginia Blood Services, the Department of Gerontology at Virginia Commonwealth University and others.

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