Real Estate And Related - Glossaries And Terminology


The terminology used by many industries and professionals can be confusing and foreign, so you may need a glossary of terms for specific situations. 
Whether you are dealing with real estate, finance, senior housing or trying to understand what the moving company is talking about, these can be very helpful.

Real Estate Marketplace Glossary: How To Talk the Talk [PDF]

This glossary from the Federal Trade Commission defines a host of terms consumers may encounter when they apply for a mortgage and go through the process of buying a home.
18 pages

Mortgage Related Terms 

A long list of financial and mortgage related terms are defined in this glossary from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  


  Moving and Transportation Terms 

The moving and transportation industries have a unique and confusing language. If you do not understand what they are saying, you could be in for big surprises. Be sure you understand their terminology before you talk to a mover.

Aging-In-Place: Terms and explanations

Glossary coming soon

Types of Care Facilities

A list of definitions and services provided at different levels of residential care.

Where Long Term Care is Provided: Definitions and Explanations 

Long-term care, often associated with institutional care, is provided in many settings. But, most long-term care is actually provided in a home - either in the home of the person receiving care, or at a family member's home.

Caregivers Handbook

This handy guide provides resources, checklists and worksheets
 - all in one place.