Selling or Buying a Home

Selecting The Right Professionals


Why choose an agent who specializes in “seniors“ real estate?


The needs of senior home sellers and buyers and the adult children who often assist or handle these affairs are different from those of younger home sellers and buyers.  For those selling their long term homes, there are emotional and logistical issues on top of the legal and financial ones.


If you are a senior or the family member of a senior, you need professionals who have been trained and have experience dealing with the special needs required by your situation.


Choose a realtor who not only has the necessary “real estate” knowledge, but also will not rush you and will treat you with respect and patience – one who understands the special needs of seniors and truly enjoys working with them and/or their families.


Further, make sure that the realtor you choose has developed a network of other professionals with the credentials to advise or handle issues related to moving and downsizing, the legal and financial needs of seniors or their heirs, aging-in-place issues, mortgages and reverse mortgages, etc. 


To find such realtors, look for a realtor in your area with an SRES designation, an "Aging in Place" credential, or proven practical experience with seniors and the family members handling the estate. Another credential that you may look for is a Certified Senior Housing Professional.

 General Tips for Selecting a Realtor

Selling Your Home? Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Professional

A good overview of issues adapted from information from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Includes:

  • Difference between an agent and a broker
  • Hiring an agent
  • Getting a written contract
  • Kinds of listing contracts

 Quick Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Agent 

Choose an agent with whom you feel comfortable. A quick list of key things to ask when interviewing agents.


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