Spiritual Food For Caregivers

Spiritual Ministry

Feeding the mature spirit honors the aging process as sacred and meaningful. Caregivers have the opportunity to encourage and observe the maturation of spiritual development.

Let Your Heart Take Courage
This article suggests the need for family and clergy to offer a ritual or ceremony to mark the passage into nursing homes. These ceremonies offer a process to say goodbye, move forward, deal with the anger, loss and abandonment that can occur, and help families to honor their lives together. This ministry offers clergy an opportunity to perform religious ceremony on a more personal level than standard services in nursing homes.

Letting Go  
Written by Rabbi Kozberg, Director of Religious Life, Wexner Heritage Village, Columbus, Ohio and a convener at the 2008 Aging in America  NCOA-ASA conference in Washington, D.C. This beautiful article addresses both the spiritual trust found in an Alzheimer's patient, and how it relates to Jewish heritage and faith.

Still A Child of God
It's heartbreaking to watch age or dementia claim a loved one's mind, body, and spirit. But it's a mistake to think that disease destroys a Christian's desire or ability to worship. Older adults can still encounter God through well-designed worship services.

The Church and Its Elderly Members 
Increased longevity may be due to better health, but as we age health inevitably breaks down and we become increasingly dependent. This presents huge challenges for both the older dependent person and the responsible caregiver. To meet these challenges we must be shaped by a loving understanding of the elderly and a humility that eagerly accepts and embraces them.

Church in Nursing Homes: Developing a Worship Ministry
We never outlive our need to grow spiritually and to be a part of a worship community. Yet all too often residents of nursing homes do not experience meaningful worship. So how can we “church“ in nursing homes more effectively?

Caregiving Ministries

Interested in implementing or expanding Caregiving Ministries in your faith community? View Ministry Models for transportation, nutrition, wheel chair ramp construction, and more.

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