Grief, Loss, And Bereavement

The depth and weight of grief and bereavement can be some of the heaviest human experiences to bear. We hope that something you might read here may bring a moment's comfort and a reminder that you are not alone.

Support For Grief Or Loss

  • Are You Grieving? A checklist of the physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms of grief.

  • Coping With Grief Some suggestions to help you cope with the loss of a loved one.

  • Helping Another With Grief If your loved one is grieving—because of the loss of a spouse, friend, or family member—these ideas may help you care for him or her during a difficult time.

  • Helping People With Bereavement Grief has been called the “sorrow of the soul.” Grief over death or separation is a fundamental human experience, yet the pain experienced in bereavement excludes no one.

  • Helping Teenagers Cope With Loss Family Care America’s experts answer your questions about grief and loss.

  • Psychological Responses To Loss A look at the most common psychological and emotional responses to loss.

  • Recovery Signs The grieving process is different for everyone, but there are some general signs that can help you know when you are recovering from grief.

  • The Grieving Process While everyone handles grief in different ways, there are four common steps to the grieving process.

  • Understanding Grief and Loss Some general guidelines for dealing with grief and loss.

  • Writing A Condolence Note Writing a condolence note can be extremely difficult. If you have trouble putting your feelings regarding a recent loss in words try following the tips below.

Grief Articles by Bob Willis

Bob Willis. A former Southern Baptist pastor, Bob has served as Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice of Oklahoma County since June of 1995. He provides grief support and counseling for families, facilitates grief support groups for the community and is a frequent speaker on grief and loss issues. Bob is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a Certified Funeral Celebrant - trained to meet the needs of families during a time of loss through the planning of a funeral service.

Bob has contributed the articles below:

Caregiver or Care- GRIEVER? Bob explains that the on-going physical, emotional and psychological changes of those we care for initiate our grieving process as we caregive.

Normal Responses to Change Bob explains the signs and symptoms of grief as individuals experience change.

Secondary Loss- Many other things feel lost when we are grieving. Bob reminds us of the multi-faceted loss experience we may have when we grieve.

What Do I Say? Suggestions for important communication for the caregiver.

Grief vs. Mourning The importance of open expression of grief in a spiritual context.

More about Bob:

Bob has been a sculptor for over 12 years, and has a studio in Edmund, OK. He and his wife, Lynn, have presented “The Gospel in Clay” for churches, civic groups and other venues for several years. Topics include: “Offering the Ministry of Presence to Someone on a Difficult Journey in Life,” “Softening the Pain: Will it Always Hurt This Much?” and “The Caregiver's Bandage: Holding us Together When We Are Falling Apart.”

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