Disaster Planning

  Preparing for a disaster has an added dimension for the elderly or frail of health.
These articles and guides will assist caregivers in developing a sound disaster plan for their loved ones.

Not in a hurricane or tornado zone?
Remember, extreme heat or cold conditions can be deadly to the elderly or disabled.

Disaster Preparedness for Caregivers  
Disaster Services Specialist for the Richmond, Virginia chapter of the American Red Cross, provides an excellent overview of steps for disaster preparation to reduce the confusion and disruption that can distress and alarm family members requiring caregiving assistance, especially those with Alzheimer’s.

Disaster Planning for Elderly and Disabled Populations 
University of Florida's Cooperative Extension Service report addresses special needs of these populations in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness for Elderly 
The Administration on Aging's recommended plan for response for caregivers and elderly.

Family Disaster Plan 
Suggestions for family members to put into practice an effective program of response.

Disaster Supply Kit 
A recommended list of supplies to have on hand in the event of an emergency.

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Caregivers Handbook

This handy guide provides resources, checklists and worksheets
 - all in one place.