Money Matters

Money Matters



  • Paying for Care
    An introduction to some alternatives that can help pay for your loved one’s care.

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Financial Caregiving

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  • A. M. Best
    The homepage for A. M. Best, a company that rates insurance agencies.

  • Finding Life Insurance
    If you’re considering life insurance for you or your loved one, here’s how to get started on a search.

  • HMO, PPO, Or Fee-For-Service?
    Would your loved one prefer using an HMO, PPO, or fee-for-service insurance? Use this worksheet to find out.

  • Health Insurance: Best Buys
    A worksheet to help you and your loved one choose the right health insurance policy.

  • Health Insurance: Important Services
    A checklist to help your loved one decide which health insurance services are the most important.

  • Is Your Loved One Properly Insured?
    Before making any decisions about paying for your loved one’s care, make sure you understand his or her insurance coverage, and any other benefits that he or she may be entitled to.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
    Some basic information to consider if your loved one is thinking about purchasing long-term care insurance.

  • Managed Care Ombudsmen
    Managed care ombudsmen—and similar consumer advocacy programs—can help caregivers navigate through the complexities of their loved ones’ insurance plans.

  • Medigap
    A brief introduction to Medigap coverage.

  • Medigap Information
    Basic information about Medigap Insurance from the New York State Office for the Aging.

  • Payment Options Chart
    A summary of many of the services covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs.
  • The HIAA
    The Health Insurance Association of America offers links to a variety of insurance products and providers, as well as medical, life, and long-term care insurance information.

  • The Kansas Elder Law Network
    Developed by the University of Kansas, the KELN site contains information on advance medical directives, elder abuse, estate planning, insurance, and other topics relating to seniors and caregivers.

  • The NAIC
    Information on insurance regulations from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

  • Types of Insurance
    Basic facts about many of the different types of health insurance plans that your loved one may want to consider.

  • Your Rights and Responsibilities
    Some tips to help caregivers make the most of a managed health care insurance plan.
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Medicare & Medicaid

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Reverse Mortgages

  • Reverse Mortgages
    If your loved one owns his or her home, you might want to consider a reverse mortgage as an option to pay for care.
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Social Security

  • Applying For Retirement Benefits
    Important information on how to help your loved one file for Social Security retirement benefits.

  • Applying For SSDI
    Information you need if your loved one is going to apply for Social Security disability insurance.

  • Managing Your Loved One’s Benefits
    If you need to help your loved one manage his or her Social Security benefits, here are a few issues that you should be aware of.

  • Social Security And HIV
    If your loved one has been diagnosed with HIV, he or she may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance and other government benefit programs.
  • Social Security Survivor Benefits
    Survivor benefits can help other family members maintain their standard of living after the death of a loved one who was eligible for Social Security.
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Viatical Settlements

  • Tapping Life Insurance
    If your loved one has a life insurance policy, he or she may be able to collect money early to help pay for care and expenses.
  • Thinking About Viatical Settlements 
  • If your loved one is considering making a viatical settlement on a life insurance policy, these guidelines should help him or her avoid costly mistakes and make the right choice.
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