Long Distance Caregiving

Long Distance Caregiving

  • Homecare From A Distance
    Is living at home the best option for your aging or infirm loved one? It’s an important question for the long-distance caregiver to ask.

  • Long-Distance Support Systems
    Family, friends, neighbors, community agencies, and even employers can provide valuable support as you care for your long-distance loved one.

  • Paying For Long-Distance Care
    Because they can’t be present to take care of even minor caregiving concerns, long-distance caregivers often face difficult financial burdens.

  • Preparing For Long-Distance Emergencies
    Caring for a loved one who lives far away brings with it its own unique set of challenges—especially in emergency situations.

  • The National Weather Service
    Forecast information from the National Weather Service—an invaluable resource for long-distance caregivers who have to travel on short notice.

  • When Independent Living No Longer Works
    If your loved one isn’t able to live independently, there are many different types of residential facilities to meet your caregiving needs.

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