Nutrition Risks

A list of signs that your loved one may not be getting proper nutrition.

How do you know whether your loved one is at risk for nutritional problems? Read over the list below. If you answer “yes” to any of these items, your loved one could be at risk, and you should seek further advice from a medical professional such as your doctor or a nutrition specialist.

My loved one:

  • Is alone during most meal times.
  • Is not physically able to shop, cook, or feed him or herself.
  • Has a food budget that isn’t adequate for his or her dietary needs.
  • Eats fewer than two meals a day.
  • Eats few fruits, vegetables, or milk products.
  • Eats a lot of fat, salt, or sugar.
  • Has changed the kind or amount of food he or she eats due to an illness or condition.
  • Takes three or more types of medication (over-the-counter or prescribed).
  • Has more than three alcoholic drinks per day.
  • Has a difficult time eating due to a tooth or mouth problem.
  • Has gained or lost 10 or more pounds in the past six months.

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