Recognizing Hearing Loss

Signs and symptoms that can help you discover whether someone is experiencing a hearing impairment.

Are you worried that your loved one is suffering from a hearing impairment? Take some time to read over the following list of hearing loss identifiers. If any of these pertain to your loved one, he or she should visit a doctor to have the problem checked out.

A hearing loss may be indicated if your loved one:

  • Has difficulty hearing over the telephone
  • Has trouble following a conversation when several people talk at once
  • Turns the TV volume up too high
  • Strains to understand conversation
  • Has trouble hearing in a noisy background
  • Frequently asks others to repeat themselves
  • Often mumbles when speaking
  • Misunderstands what others are saying and/or responds inappropriately
  • Has trouble understanding women and children (higher pitches)
  • Worries that others get annoyed when he or she misunderstands what is said
  • Frequently complains that others mumble during conversations
  • Is overly annoyed by certain sounds
  • Hears a hissing or ringing in the background

Unfortunately, many individuals feel that hearing loss is embarrassing or unimportant, so it may be difficult to convince your loved one to have the problem examined by a doctor. If your loved one resists, encourage him or her to research hearing loss with you and discuss any fears or concerns. You may even want to hold a small family meeting to stress the importance of this issue. Regardless of the methods you feel comfortable with, try to help your loved one realize that having his or her hearing treated will ensure continued communication with others and alleviate much of the embarrassment and frustration that comes with being unable to understand.

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