How The Caregivers Library Got Its Start

The concept for the National Caregivers Library was born close to home when Ron Moore—president of Fidia Advisors and creator of the first used-car superstore concept (CarMax)—and his family confronted the eldercare needs of Ron’s parents, Ernest and Mary Moore.

Sharing their experiences with friends and neighbors, they quickly found that many people delay dealing with the prospect of caregiving until forced to do so—most often by a crisis.

Moore also discovered there was no one source of integrated caregiving information that could ease the anxiety and frustration that overwhelm most caregivers’ lives.

“Why,” he asked, “isn’t there a single place to find just the right information on a broad range of caregiving issues? And why is it so hard to find local vendors and services? Why isn’t there someplace that helps caregivers understand what questions to ask, and helps them find the best answers?”

“Why,” he asked finally, “does caregiving need to be so hard?”

His answer was to launch FamilyCare America and the National Caregivers Library Alliance. Committed to the idea that all caregiving is local, the Caregivers Library serves as the “single stop,” central source of actionable information so many families are looking for.

Through membership affiliations, the Caregivers Library is helping close the gap between the millions of caregivers in need of assistance and those best equipped to provide it.  In short, the National Caregivers Library Alliance exists for one reason: to help caregivers find help.

A nation of caregivers has called for a lifeline. The National Caregivers Library and its alliance of members around the country are answering that challenge.

Ernest and Mary Moore

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